He is serving As consultant orthopedic surgeon ,& specialist arthroscopy surgeon practicing in Bangalore past ten years at various hospitals. Working as consultant at Wockhardt (Fortis) hospital Bangalore since two year, Global hospital since one year , mathru since 6 years Conducted individually around 3,000 or more major orthopedic surgeries which include higher Orthopedic surgeries like,

• Arthroscopy surgeries in knee – 1000, including 700 ACL reconstructions , 32 PCL reconstructions, RDP knee 3, rare situations like complete plica syndrome, REVISION ACL surgeries.

• Arthroscopy surgeries in shoulder – 150 including - shoulder impingement, Recurrent dislocation of shoulder (bank arts), SLAP, R/C tear, frozen shoulder.

Total joint replacement surgeries – 152, including total knee replacements (TKR), total hip surgery (THR), total elbow replacement (TER).

• Hemi joint replacements - AMP, BIPOLAR prosthesis more than 100.

Poly trauma I/L nailing of femur, tibia, humerus trauma surgeries Fixation of fractures , joint reconstructions, hand & foot reconstructions.

• Revision surgeries for failed trauma including Illizarov for tibia & femur

• Spine surgeries like fenestration discectomies of lumbar region

• Arthrodesis & fusion surgeries like hip, knee,ankle,triple arthrodesis ,wrist

• Deformity correction in polio, cp , ctev , valgus knee ,varus elbow , hallux

• Paediatric orthopaedic – perthes hip , SCFE , deformities , trauma

• Reconstrution in ortho – Oncology like GCT, osteosarcoma, chondroma .

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